Thursday, 30 December 2010

Best Horror films of the decade

10: EDEN LAKE (2008)

Finally it's the last of the genre lists for the decade, and I've left my favourite genre till last. Unfortunately most of my favourite horror films were made 30 years ago but I found some amazing ones to add here. I was torn between this and the film THEM (Ils) to go into tenth spot. They both go over the same kind of territory but I picked this one mainly due to it's amazing British cast. Kids on the rampage terrorise a couple on a romantic getaway. Brutal, but engaging.

9: [rec] (2007)

An amazing Spanish horror which was inevitably remade by those peeps in Hollywoodland. As with all remakes the original is superior, like the recent Let Me In though it did a bloody good job. A TV reporter and her Cameraman are following some Firemen on night shift, when they get a call, things go wrong. The shaky camera documentary stylereally works here and before you know it you can't look away.

8: DOG SOLDIERS (2002)

You know a films good when Sean Pertwee dies in it, soon as he appears you spend the rest of the time waiting for it to happen. His death in this film is awesome. Neil Marshall is quickly becoming one of my favourite directors, this is the first of two films of his on this list, and he's only made four of the fuckers. A military unit go on an excercise and it all goes horribly wrong, but they wouldn't have expected werewolves after all. Sausages, that is all.

7: NIGHTWATCH (2004)

A crazy russian vampire film that had the best use of subtitles I've ever seen. Unfortunately these don't appear on the dvd which really fucks me off because they're meant to be there according to the damn box. Motherfuckers. There's been some awesome vampire films made in the last decade, a lot of shit too from Hollywoodland but there's only two american films in this top ten due to the fact that at times it seems like  America couldn't make a good horror film if it's life depended on it. Cunts. But yeah this film is awesome. Go watch it.

6: SAW 
(2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

The Saw films have been a bit hit and miss. The storyline has become so convoluted that you have to watch the previous film before the new one. Ultimately though the franchise as a whole has been really enjoyable. I regularly find myself contorted whilst watching the horror unfold. The films themselves cost practically nothing and make a shitload of money. Seriously though it only cost $67 million to make all seven and they've made $864 million. Now that's some fucking profit.

5: DAWN OF THE DEAD (2004)

This is the only remake on any of my lists, it's also only the second and ultimately the last American film on here. I loved this film, I usually hate the fast Zombie thing but here it really works, and scared all shades of crap out of me. Zack Snyder took the original film and changed it enough to make it a different film, whilst at the same time paying homage to to the original, which I have to say is one of the best films ever made. There's some nice extras on the dvd too. I heard that they were planning a sequel to this at one point and I kind of wish they had. Oh don't go near the remake of Day of the Dead, it's so bad it made my eyes bleed.

4: THE DESCENT (2005)

The other Neil Marshall film on the list, well I did warn you. Again I loved this film, a group of women become trapped in an unmapped cave, and they're not alone. Apparently in America they changed the ending, what the fuck. I loved the ending, I loved every bloody part of it. It came out around the same time as the American film The Cave, which sucked ass, and didn't make as much money. Ha ha cuntfaces. The sequels pretty good too, and there's rumours of a third one. I hope there is, let's face it, there are worse franchises out there.


Another amazing vampire film, there's been a few in the last decade which have tried to push the boundaries of what has become a tired subgenre of horror. It's a beautiful film, extraordinarily well made and acted. There's nothing about this film I didn't enjoy. I even enjoyed the remake, but the less said about that the better before I start receiving all that hate mail again. See this one's on here and the other one isn't, this is the better film. I just enjoyed the remake is all and you're all just a bunch of cunts. Still haven't read the book, but I really have to at some point. Awesome.


This is a beautiful fairy tale horror film, and when it's brutal it doesn't hold back. It probably the best looking film on this list, but Guillermo Del Toro knows how to make a good film, and the art direction deserved the oscar it received. This is in no way the scariest film on the list. Some people may even not call it a horror, but since it continues a lot of the themes from the also excellent Devil's Backbone, I felt it deserved it's place here.

1: 28 DAYS LATER (2002)

Just writing the title down gave me a shiver. This is the best zombie film made since Day of the Dead and it's at the forefront of the disease created zombie subgenre. This film not only scares the shit out of me but also leaves me with nightmares for a couple of nights after. The cast are amazing, and the whole concept of how easy it is to catch is just... put it this way, I am a person with a zombie escape plan. If this kind of outbreak was to happen we'd be fucked. I have nothing to combat it. They're faster than you, if you try to attack them you will most like catch it unless your body is fully covered. Fuck me, just fuck me. There are no other words. Possibly the scariest film ever. Loved the sequel too, roll on the third one.

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