Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Sucker Punch

Zack Snyder
Emily Browning
Scott Glenn
Carla Gugino
Jon Hamm

So it was Saturday night and being the social motherfucker that I am I went to the cinema by myself to watch two films. The first I'm going to talk about is Sucker Punch. You may have noticed this from the name of the blog and the big fucking picture above, but there's a lot of idiots out there in internetland so I'd better spell out shit as I go along.

The film starts off with a big ass music video, within it you get given a quick back story for Baby Doll and why she ends up in the asylum. There's no background story for anyone else. Actually it goes into a burlesque style club fantasy within a first couple of minutes of her entering the asylum. There's no long explanation about it. You really don't need it.
I would actually like to point out that the plot isn't that important. It should really be called Cool Things Happening To Music. Seriously. There's no real plot, or acting ability on show. The script is cringworthy throughout. There's a crap voice over at the beginning and end which really isn't needed and made me want to rip my ears off so I'd never have to hear it again. You have no emotional investment in the characters. When the girls get into trouble you don't care if they get out of it or not. You just want to see cool things happen to music.

Don't get me wrong, I actually really enjoyed all the cool things happening to music. I especially loved the girls running around in Lord of the Rings with machine guns. I mean it has sooo many flaws it's actually painful but I really enjoyed it. It's good fun. Just don't expect to leave thinking anything other than how cool the bjork song was in it, and how amazing some of the set pieces are. It's the kind of film that you should probably see in the cinema or at home if you have a big ass TV because all the cool things happening to music won't be as cool if you have a crappy wee TV. Just don't expect to leave the cinema having been affected by the girls struggle. It's not Girl Interrupted. All I'm saying.

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