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Kenneth Branagh
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Thor... the first big ass marvel film of the year, and it's an exciting year for comic book films in general. Wait I forgot about the new Ghost Rider film. Okay so it's a pretty good year for comic book films. The first from Marvel is the mighty Thor in 2D. Yes I went to see it in 2D because 3D is a waste of fucking time. I actually find it worrying that I refered to it as 2D. The fact that I feel the need to make that clear made me die a little inside. But this isn't another rant about 3D and the blight it's creating in the storytelling void that is Hollywoodland. It's a review of Thor motherfucker.

It's actually awesome. I am a huge fan of Thor ever since I got a hold of the old cartoon as a child. So Captain Kirks dad plays Thor and he looks like he's put on a whole other person of muscle. Seriously he's bigger than China in this film. And I mean the country not the strange shemale wrestler. 

The film looks stunning and it appears Kenneth Branagh decided to make it a jaunty angle film. You know the style I mean. You suddenly find yourself turning your head to see it right. This calms down after the first 30 minutes or so. It's not a complaint, it works well in the first half of Thor's arrival on Earth. Oh that's not a spoiler by the way, it's happens in the first 2 minutes of the bloody film.
The cast in this film are outstanding, Rene Russo is worryingly underused but I think it shows that the Kenneth Brannagh wanted to make an outstandingly well acted film, even in the smaller roles. Oh and the Punisher is in it too. Okay not the character but Ray Stevenson who played him in War Zone. There is a major geek out moment in the film but I won't spoil it for you. You've probably heard about it online from various cunts who like to spoil shit but you won't hear it from me.
Ultimately this film is highly enjoyable, it's very well acted by a rather awesome ensemble cast who at no point get into an acting battle to see who can steal the scene. Kenneth Branagh handles it well though some of the action sequences were a bit over cut. Not transformers you can't tell what the crap is going on over cut but at times it comes close. Anyway that's my dinner calling. Go see the film, it's awesome and stay until the end of the credits. You won't regret it, even though they take fucking ages. Like a whole other film ages, they mock us with their long credits. Atleast there's something there. I waiting forever for the Incredible Hulk credits to end and there was bugger all. KHAAAAAAAAN!

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