Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Quentin Dupieux
Stephen Spinella
Roxane Mesquida
Wings Hauser

Everything about this film from the box to the premise made me so excited I nearly couldn't get the dvd out the box. A film about a killer tyre, what could go wrong ?.... Well it's hard to pin point but something went wrong somewhere, bugger knows where though.

So it's an arty concept film that goes between concept film, to horror, to black comedy then back again, and  I think that may be the problem I had with it. When you start getting into the comedy it turns into arty concept killer tyre movie, then you get into that and it goes into horror, then you go off to see some people watching the film getting made and they're saying how none of it makes sense, then it's back to something funny.
I mean don't get me wrong the whole point is that nothing in a film needs a reason to happen, or in fact to make any sense at all. There's no explanation for Robert (the tyre) to come alive and you don't need it. But then you have a guy bringing someone poisoned food and then eating it himself, it kind of goes a little too far. David Lynch has been making films that go off on crazy tangents for no apparent reason for years and I can still watch and enjoy them.

I guess ultimately I just left this film feeling a little like it was a wasted opportunity, it's so well shot, and you actually feel some empathy for the tyre. The funny bits had me laughing my ass off. A Sheriff talking dirty to a tyre through a speaker tied around a dummies neck could be one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I guess I just expect more from my killer tyre movies.

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