Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Norwegian Ninja

Thomas Cappelen Malling
Mads Ousdal
Jon Øigarden
Trond-Viggo Torgersen

Another amazing film from Norway, what the hells going on out there ? You have Dead Snow, The Troll Hunter, Cold Prey and now Norwegian Ninja. All of which have been pretty damned awesome.

Norwegian Ninja could be one of the best film premises I've ever heard. It's based on a real guy, Arne Treholt, who was imprisoned for selling country secrets to the Russians during the cold war. But this film states that he was actually heading up a team of highly trained ninjas who work to save Norway during the cold war. Their island is guarded by Feng shui and you have many steps to reach enlightenment. FUCKING AWESOME.
The film looks like it just came out the 80's, like it's a documentary on the ninja's and their continuing mission to save Norway through any means necessary. During the big scenes with explosions it resembles Thunderbirds which only adds to how awesome the film is. You see a puff of smoke then a ninja will appear, Arne has strange almost jedi powers which happen so casually at times you could miss them.

I can't say enough how funny this film is, from it's premise down to the perfect execution. There's not much in this film that doesn't work. I suppose you could easily lump it in with the recent spate of grindhouse style films as it is clearly is trying to get back to the eighties but that could be doing it a disservice. Just watch the damned film, personally I can't get enough of those Norwegian ninja's.

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