Friday, 11 March 2011

The Troll Hunter

André Øvredal
Otto Jespersen
Glenn Erland Tosterud
Hans Morten Hansen
Johanna Mørck

The Troll Hunter is a rather outstanding mockumentary set and made in Norway. A group of students try to make a film about someone they believe is killing bears illegally. After following for some time they discover that he is in fact hunting down Trolls. Yes big fucking Trolls.

Throughout the film they discover that Trolls have been living in Norway for thousands of years. Hans works for the government keeping them under control. If the Trolls manage to escape from their designated areas he's sent in to kill them before they can be discovered. There's rather amusing footage of government officials trying to cover up the resulting destruction and deaths. As the film crew get in deeper they begin to realise they are in danger from both the government and Trolls.
The film manages to play with the idea of Trolls living in real society and actually makes it believable that these creatures could be living in and around certain areas in Norway, with the government working hard to cover up the mess behind them. It creates a society for the creatures and manages to create new myths around them, whilst playing with known myths from classic fairy tales.

It's very well made, though it is reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project at times due to a large amount of time being set in a forest, that's where the comparison ends. Mainly due to the fact that this film is actually very enjoyable and has some outstanding special effects. It doesn't rely on noises and snot to get your pulse racing, or make you want to give the girl a tissue. Seriously though wipe your fucking nose woman.
It manages to be funny, and has great moments of suspense and the trolls themselves are believable, with the different breeds of troll manage to be distinguishable from each other. The only down point I would say about it is that the film crew can at times be annoying. Hans however is an awesome character and he'll bring me back to watching it again and again. So get a hold of it when it comes out on dvd. One of the best films I've seen in a while.

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