Sunday, 25 September 2011

Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Eli Craig
Tyler Labine
Alan Tudyk
Katrina Bowden

This weekend I had the fortune of having a preorder arrive early... This is the first time this has ever happened as usually I don't get the fucking thing until Wednesday. Huzzah... Let's get our review on.

This starts off like your usual horror. A bunch of badly acted teen stereotypes head out to a cabin in the middle of nowhere for spring break. On the way they pass some dodgy looking hillbillies. They realise they need beer and stop to grab some. At the store however the film changes from your run of the mill horror set up and starts following the hillbillies Tucker and Dale.
So basically without spoiling anything because as you all know, people who post spoilers are cunts. Like Rosie O'Donnell. As Tucker and Dale head out to their new holiday cabin the teens start to believe they are homocidal hillbillies from a horror movie that have kidnapped their friend and begin making attempts to attack them.

This film is awesome, and not just if your a fan of the kind of films this is sending up. Even the wife was laughing. I mean not as much as me, but she made it through the whole film, which is a lot more than can be said for most of the stuff I put on. It's a perfect comedy horror, and that's hard to do. I mean the only one I can think of right now is Shaun of the Dead. If you want to throw the Evil Dead films into the comedy horror genre then that's cool. This film sits right up there with all of them.
It manages to be both gruesome and funny as hell. Probably because the gruesome scenes are also funny. The set up is perfect and every time you go back to see what the teens are doing you can totally picture the other side of this movie in which they believe the hillbillies are out to get them. The film also has the best explanation to a cop I have ever seen. I know that sounds weird right now but when it happens in the film you'll laugh your ass off.

Anyway, it's a new release to DVD on Monday. Buy the damned film. It's awesome and you won't be disappointed.

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